This is our 6th year taking youth to shop for their own, brand new coat! It may not be a big deal to you, but being able to shop for your own new (anything) can mean so much to a youth who has never been able to. Of course, a cold person will gladly accept a used coat, but there is a sense of pride and confidence that comes with being able to make a decision for themselves and "own" something that no one else has owned.

You're not just sponsoring a new coat, you're giving a young person a sense of pride, a sense of ownership and a moment of choice. Not only do they get a brand new coat, but we also take them to shop for it! If you are able to sponsor a coat, you will be changing someone's life

This year we want to take 50 youth to shop for a brand new coat, but we need your help. The average cost is $30 for smaller coats and $80 for larger ones. Asking $50 per sponsored coat allows us wiggle room to meet all the needs although ANY amount is appreciated!