SOMEONE'S SOMEONE is a program birthed from the personal experience of Up and Over founder, (me) Javonnie Shearn and how a community of family, friends and strangers pulled together to take care of my son while I awaited the outcome of a guardianship petition.

These are my actual posts from Facebook, my messages and texts.  After we found him the first time I deleted the very first post I made asking for people to be on the lookout for him and the "thank you "post to those who did. Little did I know it would not be the last time I would make that plea. (read my facebook journal here )

The program is in the early stages but to start, the program with have a few main functions.

1) Provide advocacy support to families of those with a mental illness. During my time advocating for my son, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 24, I was on the phone, nonstop, from the time I woke up until end of the business day. Not every parent or guardian has the time to do this. If I would've had a 9-5 job, I wouldn't have been able to. That's where we will come in to help. Gathering information and resources specific to their situation.

2) Provide needed clothing to emergency rooms to provide to people in need prior to discharge. My son had been living on the street for five months. He arrived at the hospital not appropriately dressed for the weather. Had I not been there, he would have been discharged without socks, fitting shoes, a warm coat or a shirt.

3) Financial assistance with legal fees. The cost of getting guardianship can be deterrent for some on moving forward with helping their loved one. I was fortunate enough to have a community that was willing to help me with the filing fees and an attorney willing to do the leg work pro bono.

This is where your support will be helpful!

Here is our GoFundMe if you are able to help.  Everything matters! If you are unable to give, please share!


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