Someone’s Someone Advocacy Group’s mission is to help families who are trying to navigate the complex mental health system, with understanding and compassion by empowering them and holding others accountable for providing adequate, supportive services. We provide consultation, guidance, advocacy, representation and are dedicated to helping parents, families, and guardians.

Understanding the mental health care system, its programs, and processes, can be challenging and those wanting to help their loved ones, oftentimes are responsible for navigating the system—they are case managers. This is near impossible, and they face many roadblocks and feelings of isolation. As advocates, we are passionate about increasing access to resources and services to help families, help.  I was fortunate enough to have the time to do what it took to help my son.  Looking back, there is no way I would have been able to help my son had I been working a day job! No way! There were days I was, literally, on the phone bouncing from one agency to the next, for 6-7 hours!

As parents of an individual who has schizophrenia, I cannot describe how important it is that mental health professionals work with patients and families. The system is not set up for that to easily happen.

The financial goal for 2019 is to raise enough funding to help to be able to:

Cover a portion of legal fees for those seeking guardianship or those who have been denied SSI
Cover travel expenses when their loved one is being held in another county.
Cover minor expenses for our advocates. Who, at times, will spend hours on the phone to obtain basic information about services and how to obtain them.
Printing, mailing, faxing.
Travel expenses for advocates who transport the family to appointments with their loved one.
Pay co-pay fees for prescription medications.